USGI M751 fuze assembly

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USGI M751 fuze assembly


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INERT USGI M751 fuze assembly.

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Inert M751 fuze assembly for use in the 81mm M879 Full Range Practice Round (FRPR).

This fuze will thread in and fit almost all US mortar rounds from 1940 to the present day. This includes all fuzes that have the smaller size fuze well, 1-27/64" internal diameter (1.4218") size. Technically they are not correct for mortar rounds from all time periods, but they do fit, and display nicely. The fuzes are completely inert, and do not contain their explosive charge. Other than the low explosive spotting charge that screws into the base of the housing, the fuze has all of its internal components. The fuze is complete with its safety fork, which can be removed and reinserted. If the safety fork is removed, and the fuze experiences sufficient set-back force (rearward G-force), such as when a mortar round is dropped down a tube and fires, then the fuze will function and will arm. You know the fuze is armed when the spring-loaded firing pin in the nose of the fuze extends upwards and presents the red "armed" indicator . Keep in mind, even if the fuze is armed, it cannot fire its explosive burster charge, as this is not present. These fuzes are New/Old Stock, and are generally in very nice condition, but do have some light storage/handling marks. These fuzes are made of zinc, steel, and plastic.

This fuze simulates the M734 Multi-Option Fuze, and shares the same markings as the M734 fuze:

Inscriptions on fuze reads: 60

                                              81          120

                                             PRX        PRX      IMP    DLY


PRX means "Proximity", and causes the round to air burst between 3 and 13 feet

IMP means "Impact", and causes the round to burst on contact

DLY means "Delay", and causes a very short detonation delay after impact

The fuze that you will be receiving is "selectable" between the 4 different modes listed above, but the selectable feature is purely for training purposes, and does not actually select these features, as the different functional modes do not exist on the training fuzes.

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