Lead Times

Order Lead Times: Please read/understand the following, prior to placing your order. We are a small team of dedicated individuals working hard to deliver very unique items to our customers across the USA. The items that we sell are grouped into one of two categories that help set a level of expectation for when an order is estimated to ship from our facility. These are defined and explained below.


Standard Lead Time –

-For SLT ground items (UPS shippable), we strive to have the order pulled from the warehouse, cleaned, professionally packaged, and shipped out within 5 business days.                

- For SLT freight items (oversize/overweight), we strive to have the order pulled from the warehouse, cleaned, professionally packaged, and shipped out within 10 business days.


Extended Lead Time –

-ELT items are items that typically require restoration, which can be very complicated and time consuming. Depending on the complexity of the restoration, as well as our work backlog, ELT items can have a lead time of 2 weeks, 2 months, or possibly 2+ years. The bottom line is, we just don’t know, as it is completely dependent upon the specific restoration process required, and how busy we are, which is constantly changing. 

-Please contact us if you would like for us to provide you with an estimated lead time for a specific item. We would need to know the item SKU, which is found on the item product page, to be able to provide you with a lead time estimate. Please remember, these are estimates only --- there are no guaranteed times given on ELT orders.


All orders are processed in a first-come/first-served basis. Lead time does not include shipping time. 


“Prime” Shipping Note: Amazon has changed the world; in some ways good, in many ways not so good. If you are a person who believes in, and holds the “Amazon Prime Mentality”, we respectfully request that you do not purchase from us and please buy elsewhere. Meaning, you believe in Chinese mass-produced inexpensive garbage-quality products, that are delivered to you the next day, and when they immediately break, you want a free return, or are offered to keep the item with a full refund. You are not our kind of customer. If you are the kind of person that understands and appreciates the value of American-made products, from an American-owned company, as well as the concept that quality takes time and costs money, then we welcome you as a customer with open arms. Henry Ford said it best…….”Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”. A very true statement, from a very wise man. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our e-commerce store, people can’t see first-hand what we do here, so it can be a difficult thing to convey across the internet that a quality product, and a quality job, take time, especially from a small group of people. To all of our repeat customers that understand this, we sincerely thank you.  



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