Mark 84 Mod 1 Signal Underwater Sound Device

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Mark 84 Mod 1 Signal Underwater Sound Device


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Mark 84 Mod 1 Signal Underwater Sound Device.

MK-84 MOD 1 SUS. Air to Submarine Communications Device.

The SUS MK-84 Mod 1 underwater sound signal device is an expendable electro-acoustic device which provides one-way acoustic communications with submarines. It can also be used to simulate the drop of an ASW weapon during a tactical exercise. It may be dropped or deployed from fixed-wi aircraft or helicopters as well-as by over-the-side ship-launched methods

The SUS MK-84 Mod 1 is able to transmit any one of five pre-selected coded acoustic signals, each of which may convey a predetermined message to the submarine. Four of these signals consist of a continuous tone that alternates in frequency in accordance with a timing sequence defined in the coded table (see specification). The fifth code is a continuous tone at a single frequency. Third harmonics of the fundamental frequencies are also generated at levels slightly less than those of the fundamentals. A five position switch on the side of the unit accomplishes the settings.

The MK-84 is designed to provide a source level of 160 dB/uPa within 2 seconds of water entry throughout the life of the unit.

Electronic SUS No Explosives

Activation Following Water Entry Seconds (max)


#70 Seconds

Multiple Tone Selections (Codes) Five

Under Water Decent Rate #15 ft per Second

NSN 1360-01-037-0588

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Approx length 15", Approx width 3", Approx weight 6lbs.

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