Mark 60 Mod 0 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR) Mine

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Mark 60 Mod 0 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR) Mine


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INERT Mark 60 Mod 0 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR) Mine.

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INERT Mark 60 Mod 0 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR) Mine.

The Mark 60 CAPTOR (Encapsulated Torpedo) is the United States' only deep-water anti-submarine naval mine. It uses a Mark 46 torpedo contained in an aluminum shell that is anchored to the ocean floor. The mine can be placed by either aircraft, submarine, or surface vessel. The torpedo, once placed, can last anywhere from weeks to months underwater. The original production contract of the CAPTOR mine was awarded to Goodyear Aerospace in 1972 and entered service in 1979. It was hoped to reduce minefield costs and used in creating a barrier of the "Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom gap to interrupt Soviet submarines if deterrence failed."

The mine uses Reliable Acoustic Path (RAP) sound propagation to passively identify and track the difference between hostile submarine signatures, surface vessels, and friendly submarines. Once identified, the torpedo leaves its casing to destroy its target.

Approx length 157", Approx width 37", Approx height 30", Approx weight 3,100lbs.

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