Mark 6 Underwater Mine with Anchor

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Mark 6 Underwater Mine with Anchor


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INERT Mark 6 Underwater Mine with Anchor.

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INERT Mark 6 Underwater Mine with Anchor. 

During World War I, German U-boat operations in the North Sea needed to be dealt with. To combat this issue, the U.S. Navy's Bureau of Ordnance developed the Mark 6 Antenna Mine. Initially developed in July 1917, the Mark 6 mine was formed by two hemispheres of steel welded together at the equator.   The mines were laid between Scotland and Norway in what is known as the North Sea Mine Barrage.

Mine Mk 6 Mod 0 is a surface-planted, moored mine fired by contact with its galvanic horns or by the galvanic action created by contact of a steel hull with its copper antenna. This mine is primarily a defensive mine, although offensive use is possible if tactical conditions permit. The mine is useful against surface craft in water depths up to 475 fathoms and against submerged submarines in depths up to 513 fathoms with a limit of 50 fathoms on case depth. The mine is easy to sweep, and is further limited by dip effects and by "walking" on hard bottoms in currents of 4-5 knots or more. The mine is available in 16 operational assemblies, providing a choice of mooring cable lengths and the option of using a sterilizing device and an upper antenna.

Approx length 68", Approx width 49", Approx height 36", Approx weight 1,362lbs.

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