Mark 44 Mod 1 Torpedo

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Mark 44 Mod 1 Torpedo


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INERT Mark 44 Mod 1 Torpedo.

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INERT Mark 44 Mod 1 Torpedo.

Torpedo Mk 44 was a second-generation, lightweight ASW torpedo and the first service torpedo with a seawater-activated battery as a power source. This torpedo, the replacement for Torpedo Mk 43, had improvements in speed, warhead size, acoustic homing capabilities, and prelaunch-selectable search parameters. The Mk 44 was developed by the Naval Ordnance Test Station, Pasadena, Calif., and the Aeronautical and Ordnance Systems Division of the General Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass. Production was started in 1957 at G.E., and in succeeding years at the Naval Ordnance Plant, Forest Park, Ill., and at the American Machine and Foundry Co., Buffalo, N.Y. Torpedo Mk 44 was used in service on U.S. destroyers and aircraft as an ASW weapon for about ten years until it was replaced by Torpedo Mk 46. In addition to being purchased by foreign governments under the Military Assistance Program, the Mk 44 torpedo was produced in Europe by NATO countries.

Torpedo: Approx length 88", Approx width 13", Approx height 13", Approx weight 458lbs.

Torpedo shell: Approx length 115", Approx width 20", Approx height 20".

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