Mark 37 Mod 3 dummy Torpedo

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Mark 37 Mod 3 dummy Torpedo


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INERT Mark 37 Mod 3 dummy Torpedo.

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INERT Mark 37 Mod 3 dummy Torpedo.

The MK 37 torpedo was developed in the early 1950's as a dual purpose antiship or antisubmarine torpedo. Increases in surface ship and submarine threat performance have greatly reduced the anticipated effectiveness of the basic MK 37. In addition to higher speeds and longer sonar detection capabilities of present-day combatants, submarine streamlining characteristics have greatly reduced active sonar detection. Quieting and low-silhouette hull shapes increase the detection and attack requirements of such torpedoes as the MK 37.

Approx length 137", Approx width 19", Approx height 19", Approx weight 1458lbs.

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