Mark 2 Mod 0 Torpedo Impulse Cartridge

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Mark 2 Mod 0 Torpedo impulse cartridge


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INERT Mark 2 Mod 0 Torpedo impulse cartridge.

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INERT Mark 2 Mod 0 Torpedo impulse cartridge. 

The 21" AW Torpedo Tubes Mk 14 and Mk 15 are designed for launching 21" Torpedoes Mk 14 and Mk 15 from the 01 level of Destroyers DD 421, and up. The torpedo tubes are installed on the centerline of the vessels. Torpedo Tubes Mk 14 are installed amidships while Torpedo Tubes Mk 15, when used, are installed aft. 

Approx length13", Approx width 3.5", Approx weight 6.5lbs.

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