Mark 18 Compensating Gun Sight

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Mark 18 Compensating Gun Sight


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Mark 18 Compensating Gun Sight.

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Mark 18 Compensating Gun Sight.

Compensating Gun Sight for .50Cal machine guns in power turrets for aircraft (WW2 era) 
Airplanes and power turrets with Mark 18 sight:
Upper Turret. Firestone 250CH-4.   (PB4Y Aircraft) 
Upper Turret. Martin 250CE-13.      (PV-2 Aircraft)
Upper Turret. Martin 250CH-1B.     (PBM-5 Aircraft)
Tail Turret. Martin 250CH-3.            (PBM-5 Aircraft)
Waist Turret. Erco 250TH-1.            (PB4Y Aircraft)
Nose Turret. Martin 250SH-3.          (PBM-5 Aircraft) 
Tail Turret.  MPC 250CH-6.               (PB4Y-2 Aircract)

Lamp: (Stock No. 2-L-250L (formally 17-L-6731)  13 candle power, nominal 22-volt, special service, G-5½, frosted spot C-2 V-type single support filament, single contact, bayonet base. Mazda No. 480

Approx length 7", Approx width 7", Approx height 7", Approx weight 12lbs.

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