M31 Rifle Grenade w/ M3 30cal Blanks

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M31 Rifle Grenade w/ M3 30cal Blanks


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INERT M31 Rifle Grenade w/ M3 30cal Blanks.

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INERT M31 Rifle Grenade w/ M3 30cal Blanks new/old stock, and sealed in the tubes. These early Vietnam War era M31 rifle grenades were used on the M1 Garand (and later the M14 rifle), with the M7 grenade launcher attachment. M31 rifle grenades are not super rare, but what is rare these days, is finding them still sealed in their original tube kits, complete with their pair of M3, 30-06, grenade launching cartridges! These come in their original USGI fiber tubes, which was the M354A1 tube. We have a few of these available, and unless the buyer says otherwise, we will open them for inspection prior to shipment, to make sure they are in the same condition as the one that we just took photos of and included in this listing. Some collectors want to have items still sealed in their original containers, and by request, we will leave everything still sealed up if that is what you want, but, please understand that we cannot guarantee condition if they are not opened and inspected first. Same applies to the sealed package that contains the M3 grenade launching cartridges. 

This item is new/old stock but may have some storage and handling wear.

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