81mm M4 Mortar Bipod Clone

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81mm M4 Mortar Bipod Clone


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81mm M4 Mortar Bipod.

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The M4 mortar mount is used with the M1 mortar. The 81-mm mortar is a smooth bore, muzzle-loading, high-angle fire weapon. The mortar is assembled into a single unit, while the mount consists of two units-the bipod and base plate. These three units-mortar, bipod, and base plate-form separate loads, each of which is light enough to be carried by one man. The mortar is attached to the bipod by means of a clamp and can be readily dismounted. It is fastened to the base plate by inserting the spherical projection of the base cap into one of the three seats of the socket and rotating the mortar 90°.

Approx length 36", Approx width 12", Approx height 9", Approx weight 42lbs.

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