75mm T6E3B1 Steel Cartridge Case

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75mm T6E3B1 Steel Cartridge Case


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INERT 75mm T6E3B1 Steel Cartridge Case.

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INERT 75mm T6E3B1 Steel Cartridge Case.

The Skysweeper was introduced just as surface-to-air missiles were being deployed in the long-range role, replacing earlier anti-aircraft artillery systems. These missiles were very large and slow to react, which left short-range engagements to guns. The Army's existing guns were a motley collection of World War II-era systems that were barely effective then and were considered largely useless against jet-powered aircraft. Missiles replaced all of the larger weapons, while skysweepers replaced all the smaller ones.

The Skysweeper system was used for a relatively short period of time, from the mid to late 1950s in the U.S. and into the 1960s and 1970s in some overseas locations. By that time, newer missile systems were closing the range gap, and the Army was busy developing new weapons like the MIM-46 Mauler for this role.

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