60mm M2 Mortar Firestone T & R Co.

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60mm M2 Mortar Display Firestone T & R Co.


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INERT 60mm M2 Mortar Display Firestone T & R Co.

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INERT 60mm M2 Mortar Firestone T & R Co.

This is a non-functional reproduction/real 60mm M2 mortar tube and cup dummy for static display purposes. The "reproduction/real" statement might sound like a contradiction, but not really. It is a reproduction of the USGI M2 mortar, but it is built from real 60mm mortar parts. This mortar started its life as a Yugoslavian 60mm M57 mortar and was used during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War. The mortar was demilitarized and imported into the United States about 10 years ago. It was then rebuilt as a non-functional 60mm static display mortar and remarked with USGI M2 WWII-era markings on the receiver/cup. The markings were roll-marked, just like there were during WWII. The barrel and cup are cross pinned in two different places and the hole in the side of the barrel has been cosmetically repaired with fiberglass. Holding it in your hands, it is indistinguishable from a real/live-firing M2 60mm mortar. The cup has been permanently attached to the tube (welded from the inside) and can no longer be removed. A dummy firing pin has been machined and pressed into the firing pin hole from the back side of the cup's ball end. The firing pin cannot be removed as well. This multi-step conversion into a non-functioning static display piece is permanent and non-reversible. If you are wanting a live-fire mortar, it would be easier to build one from scratch, then to attempt reactivate this unit. This is the most accurate 60mm M2 reproduction ever made, especially considering the fact that it was built using real 60mm parts.

Approx length 28.5", Approx width 3.5", Approx weight 10.5lbs.

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