45mm High Explosive Cutaway Round

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45mm High Explosive Cutaway Round


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INERT 45mm High Explosive Cutaway Round.

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Discover the Inert Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round, an exquisite piece of military history now available on Ordnance.com. This authentic Soviet-era item, meticulously deactivated and cutaway to reveal its intricate inner workings, offers a unique insight into the craftsmanship behind military technology. Originally designed for use in the Soviet 45mm anti-tank gun, this high explosive round was known for its formidable power and precision. Our inert variant maintains the original exterior design, while the cutaway section showcases the meticulous engineering of the explosive core, now safely deactivated. Perfect for collectors, military enthusiasts, or history buffs, the Inert Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round is a remarkable conversation piece that brings a piece of the past into the present.

INERT Soviet 45mm High Explosive Cutaway Round. 45x310mm for M1937 45mm gun.

Approx length 17.25", Approx width 2.5", Approx weight 4.5lbs.

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Introducing this Inert Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round, an exclusive offering on Ordnance.com. This remarkable piece of military history is a must-have for collectors, enthusiasts, and historians alike. This Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round is a meticulously deactivated piece of ordnance that showcases the intricate internal mechanisms of a high explosive round, originally designed for use by the Soviet military. Crafted with precision and care, it provides an intriguing glimpse into the technological prowess of the Cold War era. The cutaway design of this inert round allows you to see the inner workings, including the explosive charge compartment, detonation system, and the shell casing. It's an impressive display of engineering that is sure to spark conversations and interest. Despite its explosive origins, safety is guaranteed with this product. It has been professionally deactivated and is completely safe to handle, making it an ideal addition to any collection or display. This inert round offers a touch of authenticity that's hard to find in conventional collectibles. The Inert Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round is not only a unique piece of military history, but also a testament to the advances in military technology. It's a tangible piece of history that allows you to delve into the world of military ordnance like never before. Browse through Ordnance.com to discover more about this fascinating item. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of history, and add the Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round to your collection today. This product is a compelling blend of history, technology, and artistry, making it an unmissable acquisition for enthusiasts. Remember, at Ordnance.com, we're not just selling products, we're providing a gateway to history. Secure your piece of the past with the Inert Soviet 45x310mm High Explosive Cutaway Round.

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