45mm Arrowhead Armor Piercing Tracer Round

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45mm Arrowhead Armor Piercing Tracer Round


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Introducing the rare and historic Soviet Arrowhead armor-piercing tracer round, measuring 45x310mm. This inert round is a remarkable piece of military history, perfect for display and collection. With its unique design and powerful capabilities, this round is sure to be a standout addition to any collection. Own a piece of Soviet military heritage with this impressive Arrowhead armor-piercing tracer round.

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45mm Arrowhead Armor Piercing Tracer Round. Introducing the iconic Soviet Arrowhead armor-piercing tracer round, a remarkable piece of military history that now stands as a coveted collector's item. Measuring at 45x310mm, this inert round embodies the power and precision of Soviet engineering during the WW2 era. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The Arrowhead round features a distinctive design that sets it apart from other ammunition of its time. The armor-piercing capabilities of this round were unmatched, making it a formidable weapon on the battlefield. The addition of a tracer element further enhanced its effectiveness, allowing soldiers to track its trajectory with ease. This inert round is a rare find for enthusiasts and historians alike, offering a glimpse into the technological advancements of the Soviet military. Whether displayed in a collection or used as a conversation piece, the Arrowhead round is sure to captivate attention and spark curiosity. Each round is carefully preserved to maintain its authenticity and historical significance, making it a valuable addition to any military memorabilia collection. The sleek, aerodynamic shape of the Arrowhead round is a testament to Soviet ingenuity and innovation, showcasing the country's prowess in military technology. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of WW2 history with the Soviet Arrowhead armor-piercing tracer round. Embodying strength, precision, and a legacy of innovation, this round is a must-have for any collector passionate about military artifacts.

Approx length 16.5", Approx width 2.5", Approx weight 3.2lbs.

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