45mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round

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45mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round


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INERT 45mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round.

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Inert Soviet 45x310mm Armor Piercing High Explosive round, a remarkable piece of military history now available on Ordnance.com. This non-functional, safe-to-display munition is an authentic relic from the Soviet era, designed for superior penetration and explosive impact. Its impressive size and distinctive design make it a unique addition to any military memorabilia collection. Perfect for history buffs, military enthusiasts, or collectors. This Soviet 45x310mm round embodies power and precision, a testament to the engineering prowess of its time. Explore more on Ordnance.com - your one-stop shop for high-quality, safe, and authentic military collectibles.

Introducing the Inert Soviet 45x310mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round, a unique collector's item available only at Ordnance.com. This distinctive piece of history captures the essence of Soviet military prowess and showcases the sophisticated engineering that defined an era. Our Inert Soviet 45x310mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round is a decommissioned piece of military ordnance, ensuring it's completely safe while retaining its authentic appearance. Crafted with precision during the Soviet era, this artifact is a testament to the innovative military technology that dominated the 20th century battlefield. The round measures 45x310mm, a size that gives it a substantial presence without overwhelming your display. Its armor-piercing design, originally intended to penetrate enemy fortifications, is indicative of the strategic warfare tactics of the time. Despite its explosive past, this round is now inert, meaning it's undergone professional and safe disarmament. Perfect for military enthusiasts, history buffs, or collectors of unique items, this inert Soviet round adds an intriguing element to any collection. Whether it's displayed in a personal study, showcased in a museum, or used as a teaching aid in a history class, it's sure to attract attention and spark conversations. Adding this Inert Soviet 45x310mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round to your collection isn't just acquiring a product; it's preserving a piece of history. At Ordnance.com, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality military collectibles, and this Soviet round is no exception. Experience the captivating allure of this relic from the past, and immerse yourself in the rich history it represents. Order your Inert Soviet 45x310mm Armor Piercing High Explosive Round from Ordnance.com today.

Approx length 17.75", Approx width 2.5", Approx weight 4.3lbs.

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