37mm Mark 5 Explosive Projectile

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37mm Mark 5 Explosive Projectile


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Historical Significance:

This inert Mk5 projectile is a cornerstone of military ordnance history. Engineered for the 1.457" subcaliber gun. This round was extensively used during World War II for training and testing purposesThe subcaliber guns were crucial for gunners' training, offering a cost-effective solution that replicated the ballistics of larger artillery rounds. The Mk5's reliability and precision made it indispensable in preparing soldiers for the battlefield.

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Discover the inert Mk5 projectile, an authentic relic from military history, now available exclusively on Ordnance.com. This genuine Mk5 round, once deployed in the 1.457" subcaliber guns, is meticulously preserved and features distinctive test holes. These precision-drilled holes—one through the center and two angled left and right—reveal the intricate inner workings, making it an invaluable piece for collectors and educational displays.

Product Details:

 This projectile retains the original Mk5 specifications and historical integrity. It is faithful to the 1.457" caliber, ensuring a precise and authentic representation. Featuring one central hole and two angled holes.

Collector's Item:

This inert Mk5 projectile is not merely a collectible but a piece of living history. Perfect for seasoned collectors, military history buffs, and educators, this original artifact offers unmatched authenticity. The addition of test holes makes it a unique and fascinating exhibit, providing insights into the manufacturing and design of military ordnance.

Why Choose Our Mk5 Projectile:

Own an authentic piece of military history, not a replica. Expertly preserved to ensure it remains a valuable display piece, it is ideal for museums, educational institutions, and private collections, offering a tangible connection to World War II history.

Add this exceptional inert Mk5 projectile with test holes to your collection today. Embrace the chance to own a genuine piece of wartime innovation and craftsmanship. Perfect for display, educational purposes, or as a unique conversation starter, this Mk5 round is a treasure for any military enthusiast.

Approx length 4.5", Approx width 1.5", Approx weight 1lbs.

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