30mm M788 Target Practice (TP) Round

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30mm M788 Target Practice Round


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INERT 30mm M788 Target Practice (TP) Round.

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Inert 30mm M788 Target Practice (TP) Round, which is fired from the M230 Chain Gun, which is installed in the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. These rounds are in good condition. This 30mm round comes with an anodized aluminum cartridge case, and a standard/as-issued projectile that has the raw aluminum nose and the copper band is painted over. These rounds are totally inert. Very impressive display pieces, and a real conversation starter. The Apache helicopter has been in production and use by the US Military for the past 35 years, and has served in every conflict since then.......including the Gulf Wars, and in Afghanistan. A beautiful tabletop artifact that celebrates our US Military history, engineering, and firepower.

Approx length 8", Approx width 1", Approx weight 1lbs.

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