20mm Sight Mark 4 Mod 1

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20mm Sight Mark 4 Mod 1


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Historical Significance:

The Oerlikon 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun was one of the most widely used anti-aircraft weapons during World War II. Renowned for its effectiveness and reliability, it played a critical role in defending naval vessels and ground installations against enemy aircraft. The Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly was a crucial component of this weapon system, providing gunners with the accuracy needed to track and engage fast-moving aerial targets.

The Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly allowed for precise aiming, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the Oerlikon gun. This sight was instrumental in numerous naval battles and coastal defenses, where it helped protect ships and bases from aerial attacks. The combination of the Oerlikon gun and the Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly exemplified the technological advancements in anti-aircraft warfare during the mid-20th century.

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Discover the original Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly for the Oerlikon 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun, now available on Ordnance.com. This authentic piece of military equipment is essential for collectors, historians, military enthusiasts, and operators. Expertly preserved, this sight assembly offers a unique glimpse into the precision technology used during World War II and beyond, and it is fully functional for live fire applications.

Product Details:

This original Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly is preserved in excellent condition, maintaining the precise specifications and craftsmanship of its era. Made from durable materials, it showcases the engineering prowess of wartime military equipment. Fully intact and functional, this sight assembly is suitable for both display and live fire use, making it an exceptional piece for collectors and operators alike.

Collector’s Item and Operational Use:

Owning the original Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly means adding a genuine piece of military history to your collection or arsenal. It is not merely a replica but an authentic component that offers a real connection to the technological advancements and strategic defense measures of World War II. Its historical significance, unique design, and operational functionality make it a valuable addition for any military collection or live fire application.

Why Choose Our Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly:

Choosing this original Mark 4 Mod 1 Sight Assembly means investing in a genuine artifact of military history that is also operationally functional. Expertly preserved to maintain its display value, this sight assembly is an excellent addition to museums, educational institutions, private collections, or active use. Its educational significance, historical authenticity, and live fire capability offer an unparalleled experience for collectors, historians, and military operators alike.

Approx length 22", Approx width 22", Approx height 10", Approx weight 12lbs.

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