125mm 3OF19 High Explosive Fin Stabilized Comp Dummy Proj W/PU105

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125mm 3OF19 HE Fin Stabilized Comp Dummy Proj W/PU105


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INERT 125mm 3OF19 High Explosive Fin Stabilized Component Dummy Projectile with PU105 auto loading semi combustible training cartridge, in original box.

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Inert Soviet 125mm 30F19 High-Explosive Fragmentation Fin-Stabilized round, for use in the 125mm 2A46 smooth-bore tank gun, which is installed in the following main battle tanks: T-64, T-72, T-80, and the T-90, along with several other derivatives of these tank models. The round is in beautiful condition, with its original paint and markings intact, and perfect condition dual copper obturating bands. The round also comes in its original Soviet Cold War era wooden shipping/storage crate. A truly impressive display piece, standing over 42-inches tall.

Projectile: Approx length5mm , Approx width 25mm.

Cartridge: Approx length 8", Approx width 16".

Box: Approx length 32.5", Approx width 21.5", Approx height 12".

Total Approx weight 126lbs.

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