Mk5 MOD1 Arming Assembly for MK80 Series Bombs

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Mk5 MOD1 Arming Assembly for MK80 Series Bombs


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Upgrade your military collection with the robust and inert Mk5 Mod1 Arming Assembly from Expertly crafted to complement the Mk81 250-lb, Mk82 500-lb, and Mk83 1000-lb bombs, this assembly is an essential piece for any military enthusiast. Comprising a fuze drive with an arming vane, an adapter, a drive shaft, and a funnel guide, it embodies precision and attention to detail. Notably, it features a distinctive blue drive shaft, making it suitable for use with the Mk82 500-lb low-drag and high-drag configured bombs. Don't miss out on this unique piece of military history!

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Inert, Vietnam War era, Mk5 Mod1 Arming Assembly, for use with the Mk81 250-lb bomb, Mk82 500-lb bomb, and the Mk83 1000-lb bomb. This complete assembly is made up of the following parts: fuze drive (with arming vane), adapter, drive shaft, and funnel guide. This particular arming assembly comes with the blue drive shaft, so it is used with the Mk82 500-lb low-drag and high-drag configured bombs. The arming assembly is used to mechanically arm the Mk346 long delay time fuze located inside the bomb. Overall very nice condition, and a rare accessory for your inert ordnance collection, or for display with your Mk80 series bombs.

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