M85 DPICM Submunition with Copper Shaped Charge for Sale

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M85 DPICM Submunition with Copper Shaped Charge


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Discover the beauty of military history with our Israeli M85 DPICM submunition - an excellent-condition inert artifact showcasing warfare technology's intricacies. This piece comes complete with a copper cone for a shaped charge, inert-filled to simulate the live weight, giving you an authentic feel of its original function. Although the streamer retaining clips are cracked, this minor flaw doesn't detract from its overall aesthetic. This piece is versatile and suited for multiple applications - a perfect addition for collectors, historians, or enthusiasts. Explore the fascinating world of military history at ordnance.com.

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Discover a piece of historical militaria with this Excellent condition inert Israeli M85 DPICM (Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition) submunition, now available on Ordnance.com. This artifact is an exemplary representation of the advanced weaponry used by the Israeli Defense Forces, offering an insight into the military strategies and technological prowess of the time. The M85 DPICM is a renowned submunition, designed for its dual-purpose capabilities. The model on offer is complete with a copper cone for a shaped charge, demonstrating the intricate engineering involved in the creation of these munitions. The copper cone is designed to focus the explosion, creating a distinctively shaped charge that maximizes the munition's impact. This M85 DPICM submunition is inert filled, simulating the live weight of the original weapon. This feature provides a realistic feel of the munition, making it an excellent addition to any historical military collection or display. It's an ideal piece for history enthusiasts, military collectors, or anyone with an interest in the evolution of warfare technology. Despite the streamer retaining clips being cracked, this does not detract from the overall appearance and historical significance of the item. The clips are a testament to the item's authenticity, bearing the marks of time and use. The M85 DPICM submunition is more than just a military artifact; it's a tangible piece of history that speaks volumes about the intricacies of warfare and the continuous development of military technology. Secure this exceptional piece of history today on Ordnance.com, where we pride ourselves in offering unique, high-quality military collectibles.


Approx length 1.75", Approx width 1.75", Approx height 3", Approx weight .6lbs.

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