57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze

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57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze


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Historical Significance:

The 57mm T23 Smoke Round was developed and used extensively during World War II, primarily designed for the M18 57mm recoilless rifle. The M18 was a revolutionary anti-tank weapon that provided infantry units with the ability to engage armored targets with significant firepower. The T23 Smoke Round played a crucial role in tactical operations, creating smoke screens to obscure troop movements, conceal positions, and mark targets. These smoke rounds were essential for providing cover during assaults, retreats, and other maneuvers, allowing Allied forces to maintain the element of surprise and reduce casualties from enemy fire.

Equipped with the T126 Dummy Fuze, this smoke round represents the training and preparation undertaken by military personnel. The dummy fuze was used in training exercises to simulate the handling and deployment of live smoke rounds without the associated risks, ensuring that soldiers were well-prepared for actual combat scenarios and enhancing their effectiveness in the field.

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Inert WWII era dated 1944 57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze, now available on Ordnance.com. This authentic piece of military history is a prized addition for collectors, historians, and military enthusiasts. Preserved with its original paint and markings. This inert round offers a tangible connection to the strategic smoke operations and the iconic M18 recoilless rifle used during World War II.

Product Details:

This WWII era 57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze is preserved, featuring its original paint and markings. Crafted from original materials, it maintains the exact specifications and dimensions of its live counterpart. The preservation of its authentic markings and paint adds significant historical value, making it an exceptional piece for display and educational purposes.

Collector’s Item:

Owning this 57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze means adding a genuine piece of World War II history to your collection. It is not merely a replica but a real, inert round that offers an authentic representation of the equipment used by Allied forces with the M18 recoilless rifle. Its historical significance and detailed preservation make it a valuable addition to any military collection.

Why Choose Our T23 Smoke Round:

Choosing this WWII era 57mm T23 Smoke Round with T126 Dummy Fuze means investing in a genuine artifact of military history. Expertly preserved to maintain its display value, this round is an excellent addition to museums, educational institutions, and private collections. Its educational significance and historical authenticity offer an unparalleled experience for collectors and historians alike.


Approx length 17.5", Approx width 2.5", Approx weight 3.5lbs.

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