40mm Low Velocity M992 Infrared Parachute Round With M195 Aluminum Case

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40mm LV M992 Infrared Parachute Round With M195 Aluminum Case


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Historical Significance:

The 40mm Low Velocity M992 Round is widely used in various military applications, particularly with grenade launchers like the M79, M203, and M320. The M992 round is known for its versatility, and it is used primarily for signaling, IR illumination, and marking. Its low-velocity design allows for greater control and accuracy over short distances, making it ideal for infantry support roles.

During its service, the M992 has been a crucial tool in operations ranging from training exercises to live combat scenarios. The M195 Aluminum Case provides a lightweight yet durable housing, ensuring the round's reliability under various conditions. This combination of functionality and durability has made the M992 round a staple in modern military arsenals.

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The inert 40mm Low Velocity M992 Round with M195 Aluminum Case is now available on Ordnance.com. This authentic piece of military history is an essential addition for collectors, historians, and military enthusiasts. Meticulously preserved and rendered inert for safe handling, this round offers a unique glimpse into modern military ordnance technology.

Product Details:

This inert 40mm Low Velocity M992 Round showcases the durability and engineering excellence of modern military ordnance. The careful deactivation process ensures that the round is safe for handling and display, making it an exceptional piece for collectors and educators.

Collector's Item:

Owning this inert M992 round means adding a genuine piece of military history to your collection. It is not merely a replica but a real, deactivated round that offers an authentic representation of the equipment used by armed forces. Its historical significance and detailed preservation make it a valuable addition to any military collection.

Why Choose Our M992 Round:

Choosing this inert 40mm Low Velocity M992 Round with M195 Aluminum Case means investing in a genuine artifact of military history. Expertly preserved to maintain its display value, this round is an excellent addition to museums, educational institutions, and private collections. Its educational significance and historical authenticity offer an unparalleled experience for collectors and historians alike.

. 40x30mm-SR.

Approx length 5.5", Approx width 2", Approx weight .3lbs.

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