40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round Engraved with "Operation Desert Storm"

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40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round


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Historical Significance:

The 40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round has been widely used for training and operational readiness across various military forces. The L70 M851 round is designed for the Bofors 40mm L/70 anti-aircraft autocannon, a powerful and reliable weapon system known for its versatility and effectiveness in both ground and naval roles. The dummy round played a crucial role in training gunners, allowing them to practice loading, unloading, and handling procedures without the risks associated with live ammunition.

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Inert 40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round, uniquely engraved with "Operation Desert Storm," now available on Ordnance.com. This authentic piece of military history is an essential addition for collectors, historians, and military enthusiasts. Expertly preserved, this round commemorates a significant moment in modern warfare, offering a tangible connection to the past.

Product Details:

This inert 40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round is crafted from original materials, maintaining the precise specifications of its live counterpart. The round is preserved in excellent condition, showcasing the durability and engineering of military ordnance. The unique engraving "Operation Desert Storm" adds significant historical value, making it a standout piece for display. Carefully deactivated to ensure safe handling, this round is perfect for collectors, educators, and military enthusiasts.

Collector's Item:

Owning this inert 40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round means adding a genuine piece of military history to your collection. It is not merely a replica but a real dummy round that offers an authentic representation of military equipment. Its historical significance, combined with the unique engraving, makes it a valuable and meaningful collectible.

Why Choose Our M851 Dummy Round:

Choosing this inert 40mm L70 M851 Dummy Round means investing in a genuine artifact of military history. Expertly preserved to maintain its display value, this round is an excellent addition to museums, educational institutions, and private collections. Its educational significance and historical authenticity offer an unparalleled experience for collectors and historians alike. 40x365mm.

Approx length 21", Approx width 2.5", Approx weight 5.4lbs.

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